Monkee Business

Services available include webpage development and design, online establishment and setup, site maintenance, marketing, custom graphics, animation, multimedia, consultation and e-mail.

What's it to Ya

Increasingly recognized as THE superhighway of information, the Internet has become a popular tool for millions and Websites have become the billboards on this superhighway. A passport to its content is provided to a phenominal number of people with ease and excitment promoting ideas, increased business opportunities and global communication (by way of highly economical means).

Why Web Monkee?

1000s of sites are added to the web everyday. So how do you assure widespread attention? Visuals, structure, presentation and delivery are all key. But many providers offer only limited services often at inflated prices. At Web Monkee we offer the whole barrel. We put it all together, text, graphics, layout, programming, set you up, maintain your site, offer several options for promoting your site, advise, and provide e-mail options to ensure interested parties are able to contact you and all for resonable buckos (that's cash mind you). We eliminate the hassel of trying to round up and coordinate a lot of service providers to accomplish your needs. We assure all your bases are covered while saving you the money and time you would have otherwise spent.

Let's Talk!

Questions, comments, or your just ready to get down to business. You can call us, mail us, or send us and e-mail. We are anxiously awaiting to fulfill your needs. Our tele is 619.543.9423. Our postal address is P.O. Box 3276, San Diego, CA 92038 c/o Uncle Sam (ya know, the USA). And our e-mail is

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