MONKEEdo - $100 per page (text only), $300 for 5 page purchase (text & links) 5+ pages $50 per each add'l page

100 words per page. Introduce your business or service to the on-line community with a simple one page description including location, phone numbers, fax numbers, etc. Or add links to other pages that provide additional information such as rates, a list of services, company profile, product information, menus, ordering information, hours of operation, or whatever you can dream up. Even with just the initial page you will achieve global exposure boosting both national and international inquiries. Add the e-mail service and allow for direct e-mail correspondence with your customers, clients, or associates.

MONKEEsee - $125 per page (text & graphics), $350 for 5 page purchase (text & links) 5+ pages $60 per each add'l page

100 words & one graphic per page. Like the MONKEEdo option, a great way to introduce your business or service to the on-line community and in addition increase your site's appeal with a logo, photo or other graphic. Include your location, phone numbers, fax numbers, rates, services, ready-to-print coupons, employment opportunities, or anything else that contributes to the value of your increased exposure. And don't forget to consider the addition of the e-mail service to allow for direct e-mail correspondence with your customers, clients, or associates. Graphics with this option are to be provided by you. However, custom graphics can be developed for an additional fee, refer to MONKEExtras.

MONKEEhear - Get Noticed! Promote thy site, $10 per posting

Your ready, your up, your on, but how will they know? Promote your site through a variety of options. Have it submitted to the World Wide Web Search Engines and/or be seen in the classified's of the Internet, USENET Newsgroups. Click the USENET link provided to sneak a peek. Submitting your site to the various search engines is fairly simple. It requires visiting each search engine and entering information regarding your site and its URL to the "ADD URL" section. We at Web Monkee would be more than happy to take it on if you would prefer not to. We are offering a plan to submit your site nine popular serch engines for a fee of $25. These sites are Yahoo, Magellan, Hotbot, Lycos, Web Crawler, Alta Vista, Excite, Infoseek and Opentext. Banners are also a great way to encourage traffic to your site. See MONKEExtras for details.

MONKEExtras - Enrich your page with visuals, sound & motion, fee per hour

There are several ways to add flare to your site or improve upon an already existing one. We will develop custom graphics to include logos, vector art, 3D objects, icons, photos (note: additional fees associated with photos). We can also add sound, animation and incorporate video.

MONKEEdoodads - Additional Links, Forms, Text & Graphics

And what if you need more..? There are several ways to add functionality to your site, to make it visitor friendly, easy to peruse, etc. Adding links to referenced areas, lists, files in your site, or to other sites on the Web adds an element of ease for your on-line visitor. Additional links are included for a $1 per addition. Adding forms allows interactivity and transactions to occur via your Web site increasing your sites functionality and your overall effeciency. Form entry fields are included for $1 each. Grapical elements such as icons, photos, pictured examples provide a visual aide for your visitors making your site more enticing, understandable and simple to locate links to other areas. Additonal graphics provided by you can be added for $5 each. See MONKEExtras for custom graphics. Additional text may be added at any time for $5 per hundred words. It may be provided as hardcopy, on diskette, via e-mail, or FTP. It is suggested that text be checked for spelling and punctuation errors prior to its submittal

MONKEEdomain - $30 per month (

This is a virtual domain hosting service which allows your clients to access your Web site via your own personalized web address, for example, WWW.YOUR-COMPANY.COM. Domain name registration is provided by INTERNIC, a Virginia-based organization. You will be billed by INTERNIC seperately for a fee of $50 per year; fees for the first 2 years are due at time of registration. All names registered with INTERNIC must be original. The name will not be available for registration if used by another organization.

MONKEEmail - $10 per month

This is a mail forwarding service. It allows incoming e-mail to be received in up to five seperate e-mail boxes. The messages will then forward to an existing e-mail account, fax machine, postal address, or voice-mail box. To demonstrate, say you have a personal Internet account with a local provider. Your e-mail address is probably similar to this example; "". MONKEEmail allows you to have five new e-mail addresses which can be specified by department, service, personnel or any way you desire which will all forward to So e-mail sent to,,,, and will all forward to If you have elected the virtual domain service, you can have unlimited e-mail addresses at

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